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When Megan Williams was a child, she created a banana bread business and would sell loaves to her family and friends and around her neighborhood, setting her on a path to continue to discover innovative ideas.

Now, the Wichita, Kansas, native is a junior double-majoring in marketing and international business on the pre-law track. She chose marketing to give her the creative freedom she was hoping for.

Megan Williams

Williams got her first taste of marketing when she took classes for college credit in high school. There, she made logos and graphics and was the design editor for her high school’s yearbook. These experiences reassured her that she was on the right path when it was time for college.

“I picked marketing because I have had some previous experience with it,” Williams said. “I thought it was interesting, it gave me some creative freedom, but also marketing specifically has a little bit more structure to it than advertising or communications or anything like that, in my opinion.”

The summer before her junior year at KU, Williams interned abroad as an international marketing intern for EdiFore in Rome, Italy. EdiFore is a multifaceted company that works in publishing, photography and marketing. In her role, Williams helped collect and analyze data for international clients, conducted market research to determine potential clients for her boss, and created a survey to send out to thousands of clients.

“I attended a handful of networking events in Italy, which was super cool to experience their kind of networking culture,” Williams said. “I had to do a couple of exhibition shows. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. I grew as an individual so much and became more confident in my abilities in communicating with professionals and doing work in general. I learned how to take feedback, to be independent and how to live on my own in a foreign country.”

Before her internship, Williams had never been to Europe. She found it fascinating to experience a culture outside of the United States and learned how to adapt in different settings. She lived with five other American students, two of whom attended KU. The connections she made with her roommates are something she feels will last forever.

Looking back, Williams wishes she had learned more about Italian culture and language. She learned the basics like how to order a coffee and say “hello,” but she feels it may have been an easier transition into the culture if she had better prepared.

“I think if I had done a little bit more research on the culture, I wouldn’t have had such a hard time in the beginning with communication with my boss and everything,” Williams said. “I think I was kind of thrown off a bit. I didn’t expect there to be as much of a cultural difference as there was. So I would definitely do a little more research prior to going rather than just showing up and winging it.”

When thinking about advice to give students who may want to study abroad or participate in an internship abroad, Williams stresses the importance of knowing the culture and being aware that there are people at KU who want to make the process easier.

“Know to be respectful there,” Williams said. “Know what you’re getting yourself into and ask for help if you need it. There are so many people who can help you and give you advice if you need it just about going abroad.”

Williams also notes that it is okay to be scared or nervous and wishes these feelings were acknowledged more for students who are going abroad. She understands that it can feel overwhelming whether the person is interning, taking classes or just simply living abroad.

Williams is grateful she was able to gain a broader perspective on the world and see more outside of the bubble she grew up in. She discovered a new confidence that will benefit her in future endeavors and learned to look at things with more appreciation.

“I will definitely look at everything with a little bit more grace,” Williams said. “I feel like it’s broadened my perspectives on literally everything I understand that things can have more meaning behind them. So I will take everything with a little bit more grace.”

Back in Lawrence and on campus, Williams has served on the executive staff for the KU Marketing Club for three years and is in the University and Business Honors programs and was the marketing chair for the consulting club. She works with the Global Business Studies team in the School of Business and is also a business student ambassador, which allows her to talk to prospective students about why she loves KU.

“I love answering all of their questions,” Williams said. “I loved my campus ambassador when I came up here before I joined, so I knew I always wanted to be some form of ambassador here on campus.”

As she prepares to enter her last year of her undergraduate studies, Williams finds herself wanting more from her educational journey.

“This last year I felt like I had a passion for something other than marketing,” Williams said. “Not that I don’t enjoy marketing. I still will most likely always have that incorporated in my career, but I found something. I just started looking into law, what that could look like, and I found that I’ve just been passionate about it.”

Williams, center right, and KU students at the Cornhuskers Business Case Competition. From left: Kyle Choquette, senior at KU; Grayson Kerwin, sophomore at KU; Elise Duffield, sophomore at KU; Logan Pfeister, sophomore at KU; and Williams

Williams believes she has the right mindset to enjoy law and appreciates the structure and how much problem-solving law requires. She hopes to start law school the fall semester after her graduation in May 2025 and is researching where to apply and looking for a school that will allow her to focus on international law. She has always known she wants her career to have an international aspect, and practicing international law in her future allows her to combine both passions.

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