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They lead some of our classes, teach our labs and grade our exams. Teaching assistants, or T.A.s, are undergraduate students who help faculty with course instruction and student learning. While each course may have different requirements, T.A.s apply and interview for open positions much like ones for internships and jobs, with the course instructor to see if they would be a good fit.

Addie Raine is a senior marketing major from Leawood, Kansas. She is a T.A. for MKTG 316 Professional Selling Skills for non-business majors and MKTG 426 Professional Selling Skills for business majors in the Professional Selling Program. Raine grew up a Jayhawk and wanted to share the same experience with family and friends by attending KU. Raine knew she wanted to become a T.A. because she aimed to become more involved in the School of Business, specifically the Marketing and Business Law academic area, and knew this would be a great opportunity to do so.

Addie Raine

What were the steps or process you took to become a T.A.?

At the end of the semester after taking MKTG 316 and MKTG 426 Professional Selling Skills, my professor, Kristen Helling, announced that she was hiring T.A.s for the next year to reach out to her if anyone was interested. She then held interviews, and I was hired to be a T.A.

Did you establish a connection with any faculty or people in the academic area to express your interest in becoming a T.A.?

I feel that I established a connection with Kristen, who was a great mentor over the course of the semester, and I wanted to remain in close contact with her. I hadn’t thought much about being a T.A. before, but I saw it as a great opportunity to learn more from Kristen and get more involved in the Marketing academic area.

Do you feel you needed to have any prior teaching or mentoring experience to make you stand out as a candidate?

Because MKTG 316 and 426 are professional selling classes, I feel that I used the content I learned in the class to sell myself in the interview, which led me to stand out as a candidate. I didn’t have any prior teaching experience but felt mentorship by taking the class.

Were there specific skill or knowledge areas that you found particularly valuable in your role as a T.A.?

I have really enjoyed being around the class content more by being a T.A. Logistically, I have found value in using Canvas from the teacher side because I feel it has taught me how to use and figure out foreign technology platforms, which will help me use them more naturally in future jobs.

Can you offer any advice or tips for students interested in pursuing a T.A. position within the School of Business?

Be genuinely curious about the topic of the class or the department and form a relationship with the professor teaching the class. Having them know you on a more personal level helps to have you stand out as a candidate.

Did you meet any specific qualifications or levels of experience that you feel helped you be selected as a T.A.?

I had done well in the class, which helped me to be selected. Additionally, I participated in a sales competition through the Professional Selling Program, which provided me with more sales experience.

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